Project 29 is a community for self-starters, business owners, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, freelancers and anyone looking to learn, be inspired, connect with like-minded people and celebrate all the good stuff. It has been developed as an offshoot from the work we do at Twenty-Nine London and Platform Business Coaching, powered by the real conversations we’re having on a daily basis with some of the biggest brands in the world, to ones just starting out.  

Created by Francesca Gamble, Project 29 started as a way for her to share her own marketing and business knowledge, as well as sharing stories from the amazing people she continues to meet on this journey. Project 29 is a resource of bite sized opinions, thoughtful debates, shared experiences, and will continue to profile some of the talented women around the world shaping their industry.

Francesca has had her own experience from corporate to founder, and her journey of self-discovery is what drives her to open conversations about the impact our mind, body and soul has on our careers.

The idea that we’re all ultimately looking for freedom in our lives, but can it ever be achieved if we’re always looking for other people to help us achieve it? Maybe by looking from within and working out who YOU really are, you will know when you have finally reached the highest level of freedom.

Share what you read #Project29 and get in touch if you would like to submit a news piece on your business, a thought piece on a particular subject or to be considered for the insiders feature – francesca@twentynine.london